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    Just joined the forum to pass along my experience shipping a bike. I used a bike box to ship from Central NJ to Charleston, SC. UPS wanted $106, so I went to Fedex. I was reading the note about 'conforms to UPS 130 gross' something or other when the clerk quoted $104 Fedex Ground. Told her no way, and she took out the tape measure. It was then that I noticed the bulge in the box from the front wheel. That may explain the UPS price vs my online calculation of $40 ish dollars. In any event, she punched some buttons and said $25.40. I gasped and she said 'your lucky day, shall we ship it?' and you bet I took it. 2 days from day of pickup as they quoted me as well, and $500 declared value on a 38.5 lb package.

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    I'll have to keep this in mind when I ship a bike in the near future.
    Good info. Thanks.
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    Recent experience - I sold a nice carbon frame & fork on eBay. Quoted $25 for shipping, based on the package weight and measurements from Only got $125 for it but oh well. It was wrapped in bubble wrap and cardboard because I didn't have a frame box.
    After I shipped it the bill from UPS went to $118!!. I called and was told that when they measured the box it required the 70 pound rate. The whole thing weighed a little under 6 pounds.
    This is absolute crap and I will never use UPS again. I measured accurately. The nice lady at UPS Customer Service told me that they measured differently than I did.

    I've sold 8 or 9 bikes on eBay and never paid more than $45 to send an entire bike from from PA to CA. All shipped by UPS in regular bike boxes.

    So, my friends, be careful out there when dealing with these companies. They measure funny and charge your card whatever they think they can get away with.
    Again, 6 lbs, $118!

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    Where is the best place to get a bike box? In the past I have just had the LBS box it up but thats expensive.

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    Most bike boxes are within 1" of the oversized charge. The last time (and LAST time) I went to a UPS store, I had to cut 1" off the top of a box to save about $60 on the shipping. She rounded up on all three sides separately and it was more than 130. Say your box is measured at 50 x 30.5 x 9.5 that would be 50 + 2(30.5+9.5) or 50 + 80 =130. Since they round up individually it would be measure as 50 + 2(31+10) or 132. Whammo... your bill triples. Bastids.
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    get a bike box from the LBS's trash bin. what's difficult about that. Cut and fold the bike box to the frames size. check the real size dimensions through the shipper's estimate on their website. or pay for LBS box from their trash bin $15, have the LBS pack (without bubblewrap or additional cardboard to protect fork or derail hanger) $25 ship with UPS, total $95, overpriced. too much to pass on to the seller. you can ship from NY to CA $18-$32 fedex if you pack it yourself and take to their site. $45 USPS. you pay or your buyer will for your convience, as you have seen.
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