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    Quote Originally Posted by happybill68 View Post
    I’m 210, so maybe 75 psi would be to low
    Umm, yup. Once again, No Time Toulouse was shooting from the hip.

    For your weight with 25mm tires, 90F/110R is about right. You could get away with less, but at the risk of pinch flats.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lombard View Post
    Have you personally noticed a difference in comfort between a carbon and alloy seat post? I haven't.
    Yes I have. The only other major difference I've found is with carbon bars but 1" carbon bars are too sketchy. Tire pressure makes a difference more so than the tire (unless you use really cheap tires), but I despise the feel of anything under 100 psi so that's a no go for me.

    Carbon seat posts flex way more than you think. I have a rear camera mounted on the saddle and compared to the aluminum seat post there is way more vertical movement (you can judge it against the rear tire in the frame).
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