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    Specialized has a great brand and they're attempting to capitalize on it. What's worng with that? They're one of the few brands that are both sort of known by the average guy on the street AND appeal to the high end buyer. They're not forcing anyone out of business, they're simply saying sell us or sell someone else. Ever buy a car?

    I can also understand the volume purchase requirements. Any fool can open a bike shop. Specialized probably wants to make sure that they are only dealing with high volume, well run shops (ok, high volume doesn't necessarily mean well run...). It's called protecting your brand. McDonald's is constantly inspecting its franchises, etc.

    As for value, they seem pretty much on line with the other major brands. I own three (road, mtb & cx) but don't mistake me for some Specialized loyalist. The shop I deal with has Trek, Spec & a couple of semi custom brands. I always found that they had a good product and they've been good on warranty items (torn MTB tire and MTB fork problem).

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    seems too simple - drop specialized

    if i was a bike shop and specialized or any company said, "only us and not them." i would say, "we are done doing business 5 minutes ago...click." it speaks volumes that specialized doesn't think they can compete unless they revert to strong arm tactics. that company has become too wide. they slap their name on everything and have any product you can think of. big business with no soul is fine, but when they become anti-competition, run for the hills. specialized needs to learn they are fortunate to have dealers; dealers are not fortunate to have specialized. they have many many options.

    ads in magazines are different. any company has the right to take shots at the competition's quality. however, strong arming dealers shows you want your competitors eliminated and future quality is due to suffer. if your product is superior it should be able to win in the free market.

    moreover, i've seen trek and giant together in many shops.

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    this is a brilliant list BTW,

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    Quote Originally Posted by independentdealer View Post
    Specialized is offering dealers who carry both Cannondale and Specialized big perks to stop carrying the brand cannondale. They are doing this in a sort of blitzkrieg fashion to most dealers that carry both as i have collected. Offering them things at first may seem to good to be true. Mainly on the basis that cannondale was bought by pacific and will soon be in performance bike shops. Cannondale completly denies this and went as far to say they will be releasing a memo in the Bicycle Retailer Magazine saying Cannondale will not be in Performance and maintain staying in High End non chain retail stores.

    What is your reaction to this? As a mainly specialized dealer i would hate to not give my customers a choice of product on high end lines at the same time would hate to be cut from specialized because i do not want to become essentially a specialized concept store.

    how does everyone feel about this? and i surprised more dealers are not speading information about this
    OK it’s 11 years later and Performance is out of business. But REI is now selling the entire line of Cannondale. Two of North Ohio’s largest bike shops dropped Cannondale several years ago. It seems Specialized was actually on to something then. FYI, I found the thread doing a search on why so many LBS’s dropped Cannondale.
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    That being said, the biggest specialized dealer in my city also carries cannondale since 2014.

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    the biggest local shop I'm aware of in Nassau County, NY (east of NYC) sells Cannondale, Trek, Specialized and Giant and at least 16 others. They're pretty big and I suspect the manufacturers are not about to tell them "You can't carry the other guys". This shop would shrug and say "your loss". I guess it all comes down to what's going on in the local market.

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    Where are you guys located ? Back in Europe Specialized is pushing a lot of Specialized Concept Stores,or if you’re carrying other major brands you’d better have big @ss showroom if you want to sell the big S .
    My LBS carries Giant,Cube,Colnago,Pinarello,Scott and Cannondale but he has a tiny place. He’s pretty pissed off at other brands too anyway,being a tiny shop he doesn’t need 5 cardboard boxes of Scott 2019’s lineup catalogues,a 50/100 pieces would be enough,but he’s required to pay for 4000 pieces anyway. Owning a bike shop must be a total pain...
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    doesn't matter to me. I can still walk down the street to the proverbial other dealer. i've been to dealers that carry multiple brands and i've perceived a bias or inclination to promote one brand over another. always assumed this was due to a financial incentive. it doesn't have to be overt. it could simply mean one brand offers better margins. if the local bike shop only carried one brand i could stop wondering.

    Already see Trek stores only carrying Trek. This is just an extension. As long as a local monopoly were not being formed I would not be very concerned.

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