Spectrum Cycles wrapping things up
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    Spectrum Cycles wrapping things up

    The Moots review on the site today had me surfing some other Ti builders for fun. Saw a notice on Tom Kellogg’s site that they will take orders for new bikes over the next few months and then wind down. I guess 40+ years is a great run.

    I have ridden a Spectrum Custom Ti for the past 18 years. I am not a racer, so the last ounce or a little less wind drag wasn’t as important to me as a great fit and a rock solid ride. I got those in spades.

    Tom, if you frequent these boards as you have in the past, thank you for bringing me decades of cycling joy.

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    I still see a lot of 1990's Merlin's with his name on them around Boston.....and their owners still loving them even those who have tried plenty of others since.

    That is a bummer to hear but fortunately there is not shortage to good Ti (and steel) builders in the US to carry one.
    I'm not real up on the history of custom ti building but I'm pretty sure it would be no stretch to call him the Godfather of it.

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    A guy I used to work with a guy who had Kellogg make him a custom bike frame. And he was a guy who needed one. He was 6'6" and had a 32" inseam. He said he drove up to Kellogg's place in PA with his road bike and spent several hours in the barn getting fitted for his new frame. At the end, he had to write a $2000 deposit. He said 'that's a check I never regretted writing'.

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