speedplay x-series design changes
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    Question speedplay x-series design changes

    anybody know if the current x-series pedals is the same pedal as those sold in the late 90s. i am debating wthere to get a late 90s X2 at a good price or buy a current model.

    thanks in advance.

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    I got my first pair in 95 and my second in 01...they are the effectively and mechanically the same, other then the newer models have a greese port...I forgot how you lubed on the earlier ones...

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    I have both versions of X-1's, the earlier version has a plastic plug to remove in order to grease the pedals with a grease gun and special nozzle. The later version has a screw that is removed for the same purpose, no need to remove the plug. Speedplay has an upgrade plug available, I have not bothered to uprade because the old system is just as good as the new. I can see no other changes. Speedplay is very resonsive to e-mails and their customer support is great!

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