Strava Segment Question
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    Strava Segment Question

    Ok, so on a short little evening spin, I rode the same ride I have ridden many times. But Strava only found four segments out of what should have been a dozen. What gives? Is there any chance of playing with the ride data on the website in order to get it to find them?
    Here is an example (one of the most popular riding areas in Jackson).


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    There used to be SNAP but it shut down. Honestly that GPS track doesn't look too off the trail, I wonder if Strava has fiddled with their tolerances and messed up.

    There are some GPX editor tools out there but few if any are intuitive / user friendly.
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    I have had Strava fix a segment for me once, but if you are trying to get several fixed or in general it's probably GPS accuracy that's causing it. If there's lots of tree coverage on the trail that's hard to overcome with any device but the more satellites is uses the better. What GPS systems does your phone use?
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    There is a thing at the bottom right of the segment list that is "Dont see the segments your looking for?" or something, click on that may help... (may not)
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    Sometimes segments are "hidden", not sure why. Roll to the bottom and see if you can display them.
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