• 09-17-2011
    Thule ridgleine 4 or thule flat model 916+918
    I have herd many problems getting bikes on and off with the thule ridgeline.... I have 1 mtb 3 roadbikes, 3 cruiser bikes ( the family not all mine) and the combination can be troubleso,e I am sure for a carrier. Any thought, I see that there is a used ridgeline on ebay for $99, but that might be better just for road bikes and not my needs.. the thule 916 + the add on 918 seems like a good option. Yakima not likeing the folding so much... Thanks for the help
  • 09-19-2011
    the rack is ending on ebay in a couple of hours, and really need any input you guys have. Thanks
  • 09-19-2011
    Racks with hanging bikes tend to tangle when loaded with lots of bikes. The roof top racks are best. I have the wheel supported rack by Yakima but have yet to use it.
  • 09-19-2011
    Platform racks are also excellent and don't require removing the front wheel. I have the 1Up USA Ultra Rack: (ignorant RBR won't let me link the URL)

    I sure love mine. Easy to load, keeps the bikes from banging around, durable, and compact when not in use.

    Hitch racks also provide the convenience of quick and easy migration between vehicles without worrying about clips, crossbar adjustments, and the like. This may be important to you if you need to haul four heavy bikes on the weekend on your truck or SUV, but sometimes just need to carry one or two on your car.
  • 09-19-2011

    Originally Posted by Maximus_XXIV View Post
    The roof top racks are best.

    I tend to prefer platform style hitch racks, I have quite a bit of experience with the Thule T2 and it's pretty nice. I prefer my Yakima Hold Up though.
  • 09-19-2011
    I have a Yakima Ankle Biter and a Thule rack that grabs the bike by the frame, both roof racks. Once installed, they're a breeze to use, but the initial setup can be finnicky. If you tend to swap bike arounds a lot, racks with fixed straps for the wheels will be a pain to use since you'll have to move them around all the time.

    Still, I love my roof racks and wouldn't trade them for hitch racks, considering I drive an hatchback.