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    I read some interesting commentary from a current pro racer. The first thing he said was the team cars shouldn't have been that close and bunched up with the riders. If you watch the longer video, you see a team cars spread throughout a stream of riders. The other is the motorccycles almost stopped - one near the shoulder and another in the remaining lane. There wasn't room for the other two riders to get past.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Upnorth View Post
    i was being sarcastic,
    I know. I was just elaborating on the idea.

    Quote Originally Posted by aclinjury View Post
    braking is done on the front, not the back. Watch motorcycle racing and you will see that the most effective bracking (in the dry) is when the rear wheel is just slightly off the ground. You weigh on the front, not the rear.
    But in order to do that in extreme braking (especially downhill), you need to shift your weight back behind the saddle. This shifts your CG and puts more weight on the front. Otherwise you endo. This was obvious in his case. His rear wheel was WAY off the ground. Thus he lost the effectiveness of his front brake.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ColaJacket View Post
    Yeah, he was out of control. Who I feel sorry for are the other 2 cyclists that hit SAG vehicles that were stopped because of the first rider. They probably could have made the curve if not for the vehicles.

    I wonder if the UCI needs to make stricter rules about (SAG) vehicles in the middle of the peleton. Wasn't there another race recently where a motorcycle clipped the wheels of a cyclist and caused a crash?

    That race is called the Tour de France and the motorcycle knocked down Jakob Fuglsang, who was leading the stage at the time:
    Jakob Fuglsang knocked off by a motorbike during Tour de France stage 18 (video) - Cycling Weekly

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    I wonder if he panicked when he saw the cars in the line he was intending to take coming out of the chicane and into the next corner?

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    He was going way too fast. compare his speed to the other guys. even some of the lower speed guys had problems with the turn.
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    100% rider error. He came in way, way too hot. There was absolutely nothing to be done there.

    These guys take risks. Sometimes those risks pay off, sometimes...not.

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    Ö let's look again... (recycled post)

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    Great thread.

    As a cyclist who chooses to race you who donít should be familiar and understand a few things in consideration. Anyone who goes out riding mountains or long descents will at some point find yourself going too fast. How you respond to high speed varies on experience, wind, road conditions, etc.

    When racing people take lots of unnecessary risks to get an edge and most of those risks are on descents. Especially menís and women who arenít good climbers. Look at that pavement. Itís near perfection.

    Imagine doing 55-60mph down a 12-15% grade with a group of 60-80 riders off camber corners, abrupt turns, poor yellow line marking, gravel, sand, on coming traffic etc on 23mm tires maxed to 100+ psi (terrifying)

    Racing down descents is exhilarating but leaves little room for error the faster you go. Especially if pave or weather isnít ideal. Throw in some on coming cars for the guys who love to cut corners and presto! Drama

    One race I like to do has an 8-10mile descent that starts at about 18% percent and you hit 50 immediately and riders always sail off the road right by a couple of road signs. You can hear the screams and ďBONGĒ behind you when someone connects wearing lycra

    Having been t-boned by a car on a descent - itís a brutal unforgettable experience. Entirely the drivers fault but it doesnít matter, no one wins. He will be back on his bike in about 18months

    Be safe and stay within your limits

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    That section of road is not far from my home, and I've ridden up and down it many times. I don't know what caused an experienced racer to overcook it like that, but I am so glad he was going to be okay (relatively speaking). As awful as the crash was, I think slamming into the car may have saved his life. There is no way he was going to make that corner coming in at high speed on the inside like that. He would have launched off the edge of the road and they would have had to pick him up with a broom and dust pan...
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