Trainer bike setup vs. outdoor bike setup??
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    Trainer bike setup vs. outdoor bike setup??

    I just assembled a new bike, and to get the saddle and all dialed in, I put it in my trainer so it would be easier.

    Thought I had it right, but when I went out on the maiden voyage, it felt a bit off. So, I expected this, and had a few allen keys with me to tweak the saddle a bit.

    Got me thinking though, if you are on the trainer and plan to be on it for an extended period of time (say a blizzard hits and you are inside for days), do you adjust the bike to be more comfy on the trainer, or doesn't it matter?

    And, to go along with that, does anyone use a totally different setup for inside rides, like something with aero bars, etc., due to the extended sitting?


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    Same everything...

    During the middle of winter I'm on the trainer or rollers for several days in a row. I don't change anything. Only thing I do is place a block under the front wheel if it is fixed in the trainer. Otherwise, I get numb fairly quickly.
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    I never blocked.....

    I should try the block, that could be the whole issue. I do keep the back tire close to the ground though, but that little bit could be just enough to cause the issue.

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    Phone Book

    I used a phone book to level out the front, but it never did feel right. I tried measuring the rear and matching the front using only a portion of the phone book, but still wasn't right. I tweaked around the saddle all winter and never got something comfortable for anything longer than 2 hours. After about 30 minutes things weren't very nice usually.

    I got out for a single 30k ride this year and it felt great. I had no problems, I was surprised. I'll have look in to tweaking my saddle back to what I had last season to get it back to perfect again I guess.

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