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    Quote Originally Posted by Finx View Post
    and the bike doesn't have (and is not getting) couplers. it's a Di2 bike with hydraulic disc brakes.
    fair enough. And good to point out the extra difficulty of hydraulic disc brakes and di2 for a break-away bike. Happy to have cable brakes for simplicity but would love to have eTap for ease of packing this bike too

    Quote Originally Posted by Alaska Mike View Post
    For my everyday travel bike (I do 3-4 week trips adding up to about 8 months out of the year), I have a Ritchey BreakAway CX and am looking at going S&S Coupler on a ti frame I have to replace it. The Ritchey case is not going to last too much longer and the steel CX frame is a bit on the heavy side. Otherwise, they work well. I just think the S&S system will be a little more durable in the long run and more compact. This is important when you fly around in 208s and other small aircraft. The TSA net setup they have keeps everything more or less together as you packed it, so there's less for them to screw up. Also, the slightly smaller packaging makes it look more like a normal suitcase, as opposed to the barn door that is the Ritchey case.

    However, as you said, you're not interested in couplers. I have a clamshell case that I take my non-coupled bikes around in. TSA has ruined a couple bikes over the years, including an aluminum Storck (dented downtube) and a carbon Trek (cracked seatstay). The Ti bikes I've traveled with have yet to get a scratch, but then again they weren't the internally tapered, thin-tube type, which may have made a difference. So, with ti bikes, I have fewer worries about them ruining the frame.

    That said, they have managed to destroy a couple shifters with their poor re-packing. If you can, do your best to protect them (and the derailleurs) as much as possible.

    I fly Alaska Airlines as much as possible, since they're very fair on bikes compared to most carriers. Having a big and heavy bike box/bag is just an excuse for many airlines to start laying on the charges. Add that to your calculations when choosing.
    I fly a coupe times a year with my Ti break away S&S coupler bike, 61cm, in the S&S hard case, and the TSA-net too. Has been pretty good, also goes as regular size baggage fee (Delta), but they do get opened every other flight it seems, and one time the doofuses could not figure out how to re-attach the butterfly latches!! They left it gapped-open with some tape

    And now I have to change to Alaska Air, as Delta is stopping all service to my city .. grrrrr
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    I guess TSA checks Bike-Flights bags also?
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