Trips with lots of bikes
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    Trips with lots of bikes

    My family is taking a couple of trips this year where it looks like I want to take both my road bike and my mountain bike (if not another member of the stable as well), my wife wants to take at least one, maybe both, of her bikes, and all three kids want to have their bikes with them.

    So we're looking at a minimum of 6 bikes to transport, maybe 7-8, plus normal clothes, food, hiking gear, and all the other junk we carry. (And I used to carry all my worldly possessions cross-country in a hatchback.) We'll be traveling in a minivan, so it looks like the choices are:

    1. Four or five on a hitch rack, two or three on a roof rack.
    2. A trailer of some sort.
    3. Something I haven't thought of.

    I don't like idea #1. My bikes are fairly large, and mounting that kind of mix of large, small, road, MTB and kids bikes is a nightmare for a hitch rack. Also not wild about roof rack on a minivan.

    With #2, I could rent a U-Haul trailer, but I'm not sure how the bikes would best be secured in there (boxed isn't an option). Or I could buy a trailer, which might be nice because I could put quick-release mounts in there permanently, but then I have a trailer I have to look after, pay to store, etc.

    I'm sure some others of you with riding families have faced this question. What did you do, and how did it work out? I'm open to recommendations.


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    I would go for an enclosed Uhaul trailor. Likely will have some extra room for other toys/. When at your desitnation, bikes can remain locked inside- out of weather, and out of site. They are pretty cheap to rent.
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    Check with some of the local clubs

    If you have connections with them. Some of the clubs will have bike transport trailers they use a few times a year. Maybe you can work out a deal to rent it from them. Or if your a member in good standing they may just let you use it.

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