Tubular tire recommendations
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    Tubular tire recommendations

    I've recently acquired some 303s and am in search of a good tubie tire to do them justice. I plan on using these tires mostly for TTs and hill climbs (such as Mt. Evans and Horgan, for those in the Denver area), so light weight and a smooth center tread would be preferred over something with a long life and is super grippy. Recommendations? Thanks in advance.
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    Continental or Veloflex

    Competition or Podium would be my choice but Veloflex are very nice and can be found at lower prices than the Competition.

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    The Ritchey WCS tubies are very nice also. My whole team rides them and no problems with them, very nice ride, and not too pricey. They are basically the same as Vittoria's.

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    If you can afford the Conti Comps, go for them. I have settled on riding on the Sprinters that I find on the web for about 3 for $100.
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    I second the recommendation.

    Competition and Veloflex. The people that do it for a living pick those two so why not you?
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    I use Conti Sprinters on my 303s

    I started out with Vittorias, but I think the Sprinters are holding up much better.

    Don't use the 303's for the Boulder Roubaix, dude.
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    Try to find some Tufo S3 tires in the 20mm size. They are fast and ride like 23mm clinchers as far as comfort.
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