Two Cyclists Killed In Two Days In Oklahoma City
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    Two Cyclists Killed In Two Days In Oklahoma City

    Two cyclists were killed this weekend in Oklahoma City. The first one was a hit and run. Please keep these cyclists, their families and friends, and all cyclists everywhere in your thoughts. Be safe out there and please share the road.

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    That 3 feet law should be adopted in every state, on every road where motored vehicles are driven on.

    When i'm riding in NYC, i sometimes get as little as 3 inches when a car is passing me in the lane. Getting tailgated and honked at aggressively is an everyday occurrence.

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    As noted, Oklahoma is one of the 14 states that has a 3-foot safe passing law... and has had it since 2007.

    Doesn't do much good, though, when motorists ignore it and the cops don't, or are unable to enforce it.

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    Try as I might, I can't help but be infuriated every time I hear of another cyclist getting killed by a friggin motorist. The fact that "law enforcement" couldn't seem to care less only adds fuel to the fire.
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    "One factor that we are looking at is the time of day that this occurred and the rise of the sun over the hill, to see if that played a factor," said Oklahoma City police Sgt. Dee Patty. "Still again, it's very early on in the investigation."

    This is what really scares me; last year I almost hit a cyclist because I was totally blinded by the sun on a road coming to work. This road is not a bad road, but the next day the cyclist was on the adjacent trail.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of these tragidies.
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