I have had today mz unlucky day
Not somthing major, just sequince of small mishappening.
(bot related and unrelated to cycling). Do not want to list all of them,
just few.
  • nearly heat pedestrian that was crossing street (just skirt him on ~ 5cm distance).
    The worst part was that it was quite old man (I guess 75-80) and he was really
    scared. I as well.
  • During above described incident I have found that my rear brake is out of order and I have checked it before ride.
  • On the way back I have crashed first time in approx. 2 years - and quite comically, in parking lot at ~1mph speed - have missed to notice a border and massively scratched right seatstay (alu bike, so no real harm, just paint scratched to bare metal).
Some more things unrelated to cycling.