• 09-03-2007
    Update on my foot pain/calf pain...
    On a previous thread I brought up a left and right lateral foot pain and right calf pain I've dealt with for 2 years.

    So, I replaced my shoes' liners with the specialized footbeds and shims ( I got the green set which are for high arched people). I placed the full 3mm of shims in each shoe, thick side at the medial side.

    Last couple of climbing rides, I have had no foot pain. The calf pain is less but still present. This may be due to my saddle position as some of you mentioned. I may move the saddle forward a bit as I've got it pushed all the way back to accomodate my slow climbing cadence.

    If the pains return or do not resolve completely, I may look for a sports med specialist. Anyone have a recommendation for one in Portland?

  • 09-03-2007
    Glad to hear that things are being sorted out. Definitely check saddle position, in particular make sure it is straight and not slight pointing to either direction.
  • 09-03-2007
    Good to hear! I'm glad you are working it out on your own, I don't think I would have gone 2 years though without getting it looked at.