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    What do you think of these Project One paint schemes?

    I'm looking to pull the trigger on a Domane SLR 8 Disc. And I've narrowed it down to these two paint schemes: (1) Blue Steel/Black, or (2) Waterloo Blue/Black. But I'm having a hard time picking a favorite. I really like them both!

    I realize this is a true first world problem. But I'd love to hear your opinions about which direction I should go.

    Here's the "Blue Steel" with Black. I could also do a dark Navy instead of black...

    What do you think of these Project One paint schemes?-post-1.jpg

    What do you think of these Project One paint schemes?-post-2.jpg

    What do you think of these Project One paint schemes?-post-5.jpg

    And here's the Waterloo Blue/black....

    What do you think of these Project One paint schemes?-post-3.jpg

    What do you think of these Project One paint schemes?-post-4.jpg

    What do you think of these Project One paint schemes?-post-6.jpg

    What do you think? Thanks in advance!

    (I realize some of these pics show the Emonda, but the paint scheme is the same.)

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    What do you think of these Project One paint schemes?

    I like both blue steel and waterloo blue (the blue is even better!) - BUT the brand Trek in black is kind if boring. If I were to go for a project One I would have a distinctive colour for the word «Trek». I would either go for something nice or something crazy in terms of the colours of «Trek».

    If Project One then unique!

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    The grey will be easier to match/accessorize colors too....the "Waterloo" will be impossible. The grey will also probably show dirt/mud less.

    I like the metal color...then again I own titanium bikes, so I'm rather biased in favor of silvery things.
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    Blue Steel & Black gets my nod. It's a classy color scheme.

    I also believe the colors would appeal to a wider audience should you ever decide to sell it.

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    I like them both a lot for different reasons and would be happy with either color.
    Only thing I would change is I would get the Emonda SLR instead of the Domane.

    In any event, I am sure you will be happy. I have a doctor buddy who has a Project 1 Domane on order. Good luck.

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    After having owned a red and white bike, I will never again own a bike with lighter colored chainstays. I'm also fairly conservative with the color scheme of my bikes. So, would go with the Blue Steel, but have the chainstays be a darker (black or charcoal) color. Just my two cents after being obsessed with how dirty my chainstays looked on a light color bike.

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    Thanks, everyone. I appreciate your input! As you can see I want something clean, maybe one would say "understated," which is why I lean towards the Blue Steel, I think, but sometimes the Waterloo calls to me.

    I'm thinking I should do the blue steel but instead of the "Dnister Black" as shown, I'll go with a deep dark Navy color for the accents. When the Dnister Black is in the sun it sparkles with a golden metallic glitter. The deep dark navy looks glitters with a blue metallic when in the sunlight, but looks black under indoor lighting. guess I want a blue bike. lol.

    As for the Emonda comment, yeah, well, last summer when I started giving this new bike serious thought I was pretty sure I would be getting the Emonda SLR. I really like that it's lightweight and traditional. It's a pure road bike and that appeals to me. But after some test rides, and discussions on these boards, I have come to the conclusion that the endurance geo and the wider tire clearance of the Domane will suit me better over the long run.

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