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    I Harvest The Bull Testicles For My Own Secret Lube...

    I harvest the Bull Testicles for my own secret formula chain lube using one of those tree branch loppers on the end of a long pole. Just sneak up behind the bugger, slip the lopper between the ol' wickets and *snip*.

    They never know what hit them.

    By the way, the scrotums make a fine underseat tube/tool bag. Looks perfect hanging beneath your leather Brooks saddle. Almost like it belongs there, if you get my drift.
    It's Been Fun...See You Down The Road.

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    I like pie.

    nothing like running your chain through a nice slice of lemon chess pie before a long ride....

    and if you start to bonk there us usually enough good stuff stuck between the links to stave off exaustion till the next 7/11.....
    Quote Originally Posted by the_dude
    these are better than i was expecting, and my expectations were already rather high.

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    One word: Ouch!!!!!!!
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    Testicular Cows

    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Hickey
    I realized the error of my ways too late. Only bulls have testicles. My apologies to all the cows out there.................
    Main Entry: 1cow
    Pronunciation: 'kau
    Function: noun
    Etymology: Middle English cou, from Old English cu; akin to Old High German kuo cow, Latin bos head of cattle, Greek bous, Sanskrit go
    1 a : the mature female of cattle (genus Bos) b : the mature female of various usually large animals (as an elephant, whale, or moose)
    2 : a domestic bovine animal regardless of sex or age

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Hickey
    One word: Ouch!!!!!!!
    Yeah, one summer job I had was to use these on future MacDonalds Hamburgers.

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    wait so is white lighting good or not?

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    All you need is love, love is all

    Quote Originally Posted by moosryan
    wait so is white lighting good or not?
    Straight 100% synthetic Amsoil 5W-30. Just spin the chain/crank to work it in while ragging the chain to pick up the excess. Some will dilute it with mineral spirits or such - no need. Get a little oil pump or put in an easy -to -dispense- a- drop -at- a- time bottle; to dispense on the pins. This synthetic is very thin and I think you'll find it not like any engine oil you're used to handling. A quart will last a looonngg time and is not nearly as costly as buying into the specialty bike chain products.

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    Tri - Flow

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    Ya, what ATP said...!
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    ProFlow! or was it Tri-Link...? hell, it's all the same.

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