You know it's a cold commute when...
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    You know it's a cold commute when...

    You know it's a cold commute when the water pipes under the street are freezing and cracking. This morning I had to walk my bike across a 1/2 block patch of ice that appeared overnight from the chilly weather in Chicago. Certainly got me thinking about MB1's studded tires...

    I think I've found my limit at 8F. Anyone else pushing the limits these days?

    Steve-O (fingertips are still thawing...)
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    My limit is 15F, after that I'm worried about parts falling off.

    We just got 8 inches of snow, a high temp of 2F and 8 more inches of snow on it's way. (it is headed your way) The road bike is hung up for now. Now it's the trainer in the basement.

    I did get my XC skis waxed up and have been enjoying the snow.

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    rode home a few weeks back in 5deg. brrrrrr. i work nights, so never really know just how cold it'll be when i'm riding home at 730 in the morning. i usually wear overly warm, but very ventable stuff so i'm all set for whatever comes.

    i'll still commute in that cold, but don't want to do a "real" ride once it starts getting below the 20deg range. i'm a weenie. i'll go lower offroad, as then i have more trees and so on screening the wind.

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    Like Scrublover said...

    I have a limit of about 15*F for a real ride (a weekend ride). I do commute when it's in the single digits though. My commute is about 50 minutes so I can usually gut it out. I often ask myself why very often.

    I've had two seriously icy commutes this week. I often had to tread lightly.
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    A feeble attempt to ride the lakefront path (I know I know-I needed a fix) proved worthless when, after a mere 10 min into my ride I was blown over by a mac truck gust of wind. Luckily (I guess) I landed in a good 6" of snow. I love you Chicago, but why must you treat me so!!!

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    -22F/-30C is my limit

    Or at least that is the coldest I've ever commuted. Hard to stay warm, but at least there was no wind! It's mostly about dressing properly, which means something to cut the wind. Ski gloves, neoprene skull cap under GoreTex covered helmet with the hood to my GoreTex jacket up over the helment, GoreTex pants, and GoreTex shoes. Pulling the fingers into the gloves at every stop. My commute is only 15 minutes - long enough to get cold but not long enough to generate a lot of heat. At those temps, traction on snow is great!

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