Defy advanced vs defy composite - weight and ride differences ?
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    Defy advanced vs defy composite - weight and ride differences ?

    Sorry if this has already been discussed however trying to decide on one of these and budget means Composite is more realistic.

    aware most people go for the advanced however i have two questions;

    1 - anyone know the weight of a composite frame ?

    2 - anyone ridden both and noticed any difference in ride quality, stiffness and comfort?

    appreciate any assistance


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    Did test ride a 2013 Advanced 1, back-to-back with a 2012 Composite 1?(Ultegra), a few months back, but can't really recall any differences in those areas mentioned.
    I suppose those more experienced riders could.

    As I was new to road bikes at the time, the left-over Composite with its full Ultegra seemed a pretty good buy. Maybe you could hunt around for one of those?

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    Yes the advanced is going to be slightly stiffer. Especially I the bottom bracket, I find the composite to flex a little. I do not think any efficiency is lost, but I can't confirm that.

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