Power Pro Power Meter Problems
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    Power Pro Power Meter Problems

    Hoping for some helpful suggestions...

    Recently purchased the 2019 TCR Advanced Pro Disc..

    It's a beautiful bike and I'm really excited about enjoying it ... but I'm not able to get the built-in Power Pro power meter to function properly. The crankset was replaced by the LBS, but continues to read incorrectly. I'm seeing readings about 10x what I would expect -- and the data is consistent between my Garmin 810 and the Giant app. There was also a questionable significant difference measured between the right and left crank arm (83% right side, 17% left side).

    I've fully charged the crankset, followed the calibration process (both via the Giant app, and through the Garmin), and verified the firmware is current. All multiple times with no change.

    I've scoured the internet and I'm not finding anything related to this problem.

    Is there a pairing process or something not documented in the user manual that may have been missed?

    Thanks for any helpful suggestions.

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    Nice bike you've got there!

    I just ordered a new Giant Defy Adv. Pro 0, which has the same Power Meter. It's going to be my first PM!

    I have two friends who just bought identical 2019 TCR Advanced SL with the Power Pro PM. Both have exactly the same problems you mention here. The first one started having problems back in December, he took the bike to the dealer here (El Salvador) and Giant replaced the complete crankset with a new PM as guarantee. It was two weeks ago aprox that the new crankset arrived and has had no problems so far.

    My other friend is at the dealership at this moment, he started having the same problems two days ago. He's putting the claim to see what happens.

    Long story short, both of them presented the same problems with the data, but also, when we inspected the cranksets, there's a plastic cover in the packside of the PM unit in the driveside (right side) of the crankset. This plastic cover has two small bolts, and in both cases, this plastic cover was broken. Go and check if yours is cracked also!

    We still don't know what's going to happen, if this is a design problem or if the materials are defective. What is Giant going to do? release a recall? are they going to replace all the defective Power Meters? I understand it's a new product for them, but didn't they made tests? real life tests?

    I'm hopping not to have problems with my Defy when it arrives, but please keep posted here how do you solve your situation!!

    Thanks in advance, Jose!

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    Follow up to above:
    Original chrankset/power meter defective. 1st replacement crankset / powermeter defective.. 2nd replacement (or 3rd set, depending on how you look at it), works like it should.

    Phew... glad to have that sorted. I wasn't expecting the replacement set to have the same problem. That sort of threw me... glad that my bike shop and Giant dealt with it fairly quickly.

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