• 08-29-2019
    The end of free shipping for small widget shipments direct from China
    Looks like the days of free shipping for <$10 or so bike parts/accessories will be ending soon, so front load those anodized cable end cap orders for your small parts drawer.


    We have contracted negotiated international rates for epacket. We’re based in Las Vegas.

    Got notification today that all USPS international GEPS contracts will be terminated September 31st.

    This is all related to the Universal Postal Union agreement that allows Chinese sellers to ship products to the U.S. for less than it costs us to ship to the same state.

    The administration has given the UPU an ultimatum, that they: either allow the USPS to set rates for China mail that arrives in the U.S., or the U.S. will officially leave the UPU on October 17th.

    Either way, this means as of October 17, no more cheap Chinese shipping. They will have to pay the same domestic rates as us once their e-packets arrive here.

    This is great news for U.S. sellers, especially eBay sellers.

    Bad news for Wish com, Chinese e-commerce sellers, Ali-express, etc.
  • 08-29-2019
    ah, crap.