Realistic Prices on Classifieds?
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    Realistic Prices on Classifieds?

    Is it me or are the prices in the classifieds grossly inflated?

    I just saw a new (100 miles, perfect condition) Salsa with FULL ultegra triple that didn't meet the reserve price. Top bid was about $780. Similar bike in the classifieds seem to get posted for about $1500-$2k.

    Do people pay that much?

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    Some people love their bikes

    Yeah. Things that are priced well will sell fast. I find that on craigslist and the classifieds here people have unrealistic expectations about bike depreciation.

    For example... I'm shopping for a used steel ultegra road bike now - guy on craigslist has a nice 2003 LeMond Zurich advertised for $1650. New it was a $2000 bike two years ago. A "new-old-stock" unused one recently sold on eBay fof $1325 I tell him, and I offer him $1200. He says that's a steal and the lowest he'll go is $1500. Then today in an LBS I find on the floor a New 2003 Zurich for $1500, so this guy is nuts if he thinks his 2-year-old bike is going to fetch $1500.

    The best barometer is eBay - the most buyers, so with completed auctions you can see what the current real market value is.

    Oh, well, that's my story for today.

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