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    Lightbulb Sidi shoes for $35

    official Sidi website

    Looks aws. Who knows if it's real? I mean they are the "official Sidi website". Would a good fake be a good shoe? I was thinking of buying all their stock.

    ****ING AUTOCORRECT!! can a model fix the title please

    Sidi shoes for -.jpg

    This would be better in the Scams section I bet. Maybe a mod can move it, before we clean out their store.

    This is from a Facebook ad! Here are the comments, all translated from Spanish:
    Lie everything to me scammed me

    Disease Sons of *****
    They're scammers
    I don't know how they allow them to publish these scammers

    You ask them and t send some glasses sunglasses

    Yeah, they're a bunch of scammers, I'm not so bad they sent me some nike shoes.

    Is a SCAM. You order some SIDI shoes and they send you some Nike that are not sold even in the markets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by .je View Post

    ****ING AUTOCORRECT!! can a model fix the title please
    Maybe you should turn it off, so you don't have to ask a "model" for help :-)

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    definitely FAKE site
    the legit Sidi domain is, and it has a whole different set of DNS records from this fake domain (which is in China)

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