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    Texas Cyclesport look like a bunch of gloating jerks

    I just got this e-mail: Texas Cyclesport look like a bunch of gloating jerks-mail.jpg

    The way I read this is: Now you can't buy Shimano at lower prices from Chain Reaction Cycles. Now you have no choice but buy from us! Bwahahaha!

    I'm not sure why this would entice me to buy from them. It just makes them look like jerks.

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    I didn't know about the Chain Reaction/Shimano news and had to look it up. But yeah, I agree that message isn't a good look and would make me think twice about ordering from that website. The only ones who are bitter toward the UK sites are the US stores, so keep that bitterness internal. The public consumers don't share in that sentiment. Other UK websites are still selling Shimano anyway.

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