• 04-06-2011
    Inventory problems for Jamis?
    I'm in NJ, which has a decent number of Jamis dealers, but not one of them actually has the Eclipse or Endura 3 in stock. $3K burning a hole in my money-market account and every dealer says, "maybe in 4 to 6 weeks" .... News flash: People are buying bikes now or waiting until closeouts in the fall. How does the company stay in business?
  • 04-06-2011
    A lot of them stay in business because all the bike companies are like that these days. Its ridiculous. But yes, those bikes are supposed to be here in the middle of April. I talked to my rep the other day.
  • 04-08-2011
    I am the sales rep for Jamis here in NJ. Inventory in this business is a very complicated machine. While I understand your frustration and appreciate the fact that you are stoked to ride our product, there are many factors that we have to deal with re: product delivery. It is very easy to spread negativity about a company without knowing the enitre truth. While I can not guarantee anything, I would love to help you find a dealer that has the bike in stock, if you give me the required info. Dealers are very hesitant to take preseason inventory in with the economy the way it is. The best way for us to succeed is to have consumer such as yourself interested in our product, ride it and spread the word to dealers that we make a great product. Let me know if I can help out when you get a chance and let me know which dealers you contacted so I can work to deliver our product to the end user better.....Thanks and good luck!
  • 04-10-2011
    Thanks Alive, my post (now that I read it again) actually sounds snarkier than I meant it to be. The last question is literal rather than rhetorical. I really do wonder how a company involved in a seasonal product can survive when it can't get its product into the stores.

    In the golf equipment world, if Titleist or Callaway or whoever doesn't get their equipment in stores in the late winter, they can forget it. Here we're talking not about a $400 driver or a $100 sand wedge that will be used for a couple of seasons but full bikes costing multiple thousands of dollars meant to last many years.

    It's very frustrating as an enthusiast to read about all these great bikes, then go to a shop and have nothing in your size category that you can actually ride and try to assess.

    Please pass the word upward within the Jamis company that the word is out they have a good product but they need to get better at catching the wave. I do understand it's kind of a chicken-and-egg thing. thanks for listening!