• 02-21-2015
    Removing bar-end caps, 2015 Allegro Elite
    I just bought a 2015 Allego Elite, size 21. In fact, I ordered a 23, but I had no standover clearance, though I owned a Coda of that size. Thankfully, the shop was willing to swap it out.

    On to my question. I bought a bar-end Incredibell for use with the bike, like the one I had with my Coda. The bar end caps seem pretty tightly integrated with the grips on this bike, and I wonder if they're meant to be removable. I thought about using a knife to pry the cap off, but I'm afraid of damaging the grip.

    Can the bar end caps be removed without damaging the grips? The grip is called "New Anatomic double density kraton grip with end plug".
  • 02-22-2015