The bike has minor wear and is about 1 year old now. I will be replacing the brake levers over to a pair of Shimano BL-3500's shortly but here's the bike as it is. I had some extra shaved locknuts to reduce the overall OLD to about 113-114MM but didn't need it.

The OLD right now is 116MM and stock was 110 and the wheel builder said the frame easily went to 116 with very minor force so he was confident it was ok.

We went with the SA AW3 freewheel in a steel housing, polished was out of stock and I wanted to paint the hub black but didn't have time..may do that later but it's not a deal breaker.

Came out great, she may want the thumb shifter but she says the twist is hard for her but she can manage...looks cleaner with the twist shifter.

I went up to a 18T over the stock 17T to give a slightly easier 1st gear.

Once I get the new brake levers on I will tidy up the cables. I wanted to use this bike instead of looking for a new bike or used bike since this bike is perfect for her and we both love the style...and there's no derailleur to bang up and chain is less likely to come off.