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    Xenith SL Specs


    I have owned a Xenith SL for about 2 weeks now. It is an awesome bike and I love its precise handling and acceleration.

    Just some initial regarding the spec choice of this bike. Considering this bike comes with such a top draw spec, there are a few odd or poorly thought out choices. This is just constructive criticism, that will hopefully be taken into account when speccing next years range...

    1. Seatpost - 3T Doric Ltd 280mm

    I am 191cm, and I purchased the 61cm frame which is the largest size. I am in the shorter range of people who would consider this frame size, and I can not use the supplied seat post because it is too short by almost 3cm.

    Considering this is such an expensive component. It seems pointless to spec it on a bike where 90% of people will have no choice but to switch.

    2. Bars - 3T Rotundo Ltd (traditional bend)

    Firstly this bar does not work with SRAM shifters. SRAM shifters are designed around modern bend shapes that have a flat top. You can see in the picture on the Jamis website that the handlebars are not mounted at the correct angle, and still the SRAM levers are not parallel to the ground. It makes the bike look silly and is also poor brand marketing. You never see a Cervelo pictured on their web or in a mag with a weird looking setup hey?

    Secondly, for people who love traditional shaped bars. This bar shape has a very tight bend. Too hold the drops in a position for sprinting is impossible for people with big hands - ie people who buy 61cm bikes like me!

    3T make other handlebar shapes that would work much better with this bike.

    3. Chain - KMC Gold coloured thing

    This is an unnecessary spec choice. It provides no performance benefit and it draws the wrong kind of attention to the bike. The 'bling bling' draws attention away from the excellent technical features and natural looks of what is otherwise a beautiful bike. It gives a 'tacky' appearance.

    The Jamis Xenith SL is an awesome bike, and the quality of frame and components is incredible.

    The bars and seatpost are top quality components, and it ashame to have to replace these immediately on purchase. More practical choices should be made here; It is likely the choices made here were purely to reduce the overall bike weight and nothing else.

    In general though these are very minor issues but unnecessary ones that can easily be remedied.

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    I picked up an '08 Frame and Fork a while back. Built it up from other parts I had and have been super happy with it. Kinda thought some of the spce'd parts were a bit odd too. I'd take a complete bike and be super happy with it, but I had a mix of SRAM Force and Red on hand, a line on nice wheels (and nice ones on hand), bar, steam and seat post on hand too so getting the frame/fork combo made sense for me. Just waiting on the Seattle area weather to get drier. Till then the Jamis is hanging in the store room and the winter bike is getting tons of nasty weather miles.

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