Review time...2005 Litespeed Teramo is the bike...configured with Ultegra 10 gruppo and Real Design superspheres. Other than than minor change out...she's factory spec. This bike is modeled after the Ghisallo. I've now ridden her for 1500 miles since puchase 9 months ago. Every time I ride, its just like the first time. FAST! Clean road handling. I don't have hills to ride, so I push to my limit on the superfast flats. Longest ride to date is 62 miles. Average speed 17.2mph on that trip. Anduril (that's the bikes name) and I ripped a route that crushed me 7 years ago. It was vindication and retribution at its best.

Anyway, the ride is clean, smooth and responsive. When I need acceleration, its there as soon as I stomp the pedals. I've pulled the bars as hard as I can during that monsterous acceleration, and they are still in tact. The bike just jumps. The real design carbon forks are like shock absorbers. They just vibrate at the highest rate absorbing all the road vibrations. I've yet to stop enjoying the ride. I'd reccomend this bike to anyone looking for a Ti bike and not wanting to spend upwards of 5K. The 06 versions come with a mix of Dura Ace and Ultegra...mine is 100% Ultegra. I'm going to give her an upgrade to SRAM Force next year for the spring opener. The ultegra gearing is quick and snappy, responding to every flick of my fingers. What a world of difference from my old Sante stuff. I can say nothing negative about this bike. There may be more expensive out there, but I can't imagine a better ride. This will be the bike I ride from here on. In the meantime, I'm now almost into a year of riding after being off for near 7 years. I'm pleased to be back and in such grand style with the Teramo.