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    I just LOVED that bike, but realized it was too big. Look at the photo. When my butt sits down, it's too far to the bar (even tho the seat had slid back a bit that day). So, after 15000 miles or so I sold it. Now I have a Merlin cyclocross Ti bike and a carbon road bike.

    Do you ride up Rt77 out of Thurmont?

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    Quote Originally Posted by psycleridr View Post
    Sure is! Here is a pic of it built on one of my travels. As mentioned it is an awesome bike and picked it up used on ebay with full DA for $1100. The conversion to S&S and the travel kit plus paint removal/finishing to brushed cost a little bit as well. All in all it cost me about $3300 total but was so worth it as I travel a lot. I have ridden in Keystone CO, Snowmass, CO, San Francisco, Napa, Phoenix, Atlanta (insane fast group ride - got dropped ), New York, Florida, Texas, and Switzerland. If it wasnt for this I would ride about 30% less during the year
    The pics below are Keystone (loveland Pass), Phoenix, and top of Mt Tam looking at San Fran
    Can you tell me more about how you installed the couplers on your bike please? IWho did the work for you? am interested in doing the same thing to my Merlin Extralight frame. I travel overseas very often because of my job. It would be great to be able to pack a bike and bring it along the trip.

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    By any chance, is it possible to identify the year of the below pictured Litespeed?


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    Quote Originally Posted by shandelsmanmd View Post
    Colorado Cyclist, one of the largest Litespeed retailers, had a unique frame made for a racing team they ran around 2000. It was a Classic with a Tuscany downtube. In other words: all round tubes but one. Colorado Cyclist offered it only painted, either all black (naked seat stays) or yellow and deep red two-tone. They called it the Team Issue. I bought a black 2001 D-A model, rode it for many seasons. I loved it. In this photo I am riding it near Frederick Maryland in 2005. Steve H
    I'm still riding my Team Issue. The chainstays are like the Tuscany's too. They aren't round and they flare out instead of straight. When I first bought it I called Litespeed to ask about it and they said it was a cross between the Tuscany and the Classic. The top tube, seat tube, head tube and seat stays are Classic and the down tube and chainstays are Tuscany. It's a sweet bike.

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