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    Short headtube issues

    Quote Originally Posted by BenH
    Thanks for all the posts. I checked out the CR geometry and noticed it has a fairly short headtube (for a non-racer enthusiast). While I don't intend to cruise around sitting upright, I have longer legs than most folks so on a racing geometry frame, I end up far more bent than most. One of the newer more upright bikes (such as Cervelo RS, Trek Madone Performance) actually fits me more like a regular road bike. But back to Merlins, I'm a tad reluctant to just put 3cm of spacers in there but that's more due to the bizarre look. I'm more compelled to get a CR than ever reading people's experiences with it but I think even among Ti bikes, it's on the shorter end. Yes, I know it's aimed at the racing folks. Even the Extralight has a 12.5 cm headtube on it's 55cm bike. I think the Lynskey's are closer to 16cm but I hear a much more mixed reaction to Lynskey's. Not taking anything away from Lynskey, but people seem crazy happy about their CRs.
    You are correct about the CR Works having a short head tube. I have a size M/L and the head tube is 144 mm on it. That is 21 mm shorter than my Strong steel at 165 mm. I was concerned about the HT length but I got an exceptional deal on the frame so I went for it. I am currently running a Thomson X2 stem (80 deg rise) with King HS on both bikes I use a single 7 mm spacer on the Strong and a single Chris King 25 mm spacer on the Merlin. It does not look horrendous, mostly because the spacer is one single piece. I do not notice any adverse flex in the setup. My fork is Reynolds Ouzo Pro standard (on both bikes) and they approve up 40 mm of spacers for their forks.

    I could reduce spacer height by switching stems, for example a Ritchey WCS has 84 degree rise. For my stem length of 120 mm this would raise the bars about 10 mm (sin4*120 + 2 mm in stack height difference of Ritchey vs. Thomson =~ 10 mm). A Deda Newton with 86 degree rise would get me 12.5 mm (sin6*120 =~ 12.5mm). But I am a fan of the Thomson product.

    FWIW, I am a road racer and reasonably flexible but I do not run a huge saddle-bar drop. I'll try to get a picture of my CR Works up later today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BenH
    Thanks Socates,

    Any idea how it compares to the Extralight ? There are simply more of them out there used. I know some of the newer Ti frames are much more efficient, just trying to sort out the good from the better.
    The Works CR should be almost identical to the new Extralight witch is in fact a rebranded Works TR - the differnces bween the CR are and TR are only the compact geometry (eg lower point of gravety and lower weight)
    Merlin Works CR @ Chorus 2008

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