20 movies that men cry...Some yes some no...some...what were they thinking?
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    20 movies that make men cry...Some yes some no...some...what were they thinking?


    1.Brian's Song (sad film)
    2.Rudy (Die Rudy Die--only if the bile I felt in my stomach as it wanted to turn over could be counted as tears-Notre Dame can suck it)
    3. Saving Private Ryan (no tears, maybe a slight welling of the ducts)
    4. One Flew over (no-great film)
    5. The Natural (not really--replace this with Field of Dreams if you need a baseball flick)
    6. Shawshank Redemption (uplifting, no tears)
    7. Schindler's List (balled)
    8. Old Yeller (Bambi over Old Yeller)
    9. Pride of the Yankees (hate the yankees enough to not care about Gehrig's problem in the movie)
    10. Terms of Endearment (not if someone poked me in the eye with a dagger)
    11. Iron Giant (nope)
    12. Philadelphia (A mist if anything)
    13. Big Fish (No Idea)
    14. Million Dollar Baby (nope-Aviator was a better film that year)
    15. Life is Beautiful (Meh.)
    16. Love Actually (Who...what? Never saw it)
    17. Rocky (Nope)
    18. The Pianist (This and Schindler's whoa...tough to hold them back)
    19. Mystic River (just a good haunting film, no tears)
    20. To Kill a Mockingbird (no tears-great film)

    Heard this on sportstalk out of Detroit this morning...it generated some good thoughts.

    Braveheart when his wife appears in the audience as he is about to be killed...that one is tough for me.--should be on the list.
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    300 is a tear jerker.
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    Big Fish is one of my favorite films from the last 10 years.

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    17. Rocky = wtf were they thinking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thatsmybush
    Braveheart when his wife appears in the audience as he is about to be killed...that one is tough for me.--should be on the list.

    Seriously for a moment, I always found the moment where Jake Lamota pounds the walls of his prison cell to be very moving, also the end of China Town is very said.

    /agree about The Pianist.

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    Terms of Endearment=Chick Flick.
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    WTF, Big Trouble in Little China didn't make the list, man, I have no faith in humanity.
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    Quote Originally Posted by macalu
    Terms of Endearment=Chick Flick.
    If any man ever cried while watching this movie, it's only because there was a playoff game on and his wife / GF made him watch this instead.
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    No jackie chan movies.... Man !
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    I haven't seen The Pianist, but I did see The Piano. Even thinking of an overweight Harvey Keitel nude, brings tears to my eyes.
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    The Pianist should be used by the CIA as a torture device. Slowest, most painful movie ever.


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    I just saw Jumpers the other day, made me wish I could jump out of the theater and in front of a bus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by carbon13
    300 is a tear jerker.

    lol etc.

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    Antonio_B's abbreviated list:

    1) Il Postino
    2) Cinema Paradiso
    3) The Pianist (when Adrian Brody sits down at the Piano and plays, damn that was powerful)
    18) Dances with Wolves
    19) Field of Dreams
    20) Baraka (it's a weird choice for sure, but the cinematography is so beautiful, it seriously brought tears to my eyes)
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    Iron Giant ???????? It's a frickin kids movie.

    Private Ryan - sure, at the end where he's old at the cemetery gets me every time. I'm wellin up just thinking about it.

    Anytime soldiers give thier lives for schmucks like us, it gets me.
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    The Killing Fields

    I don't think I need to say anything else.
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    Borat. The wrestling scene made my eyes water and made me cover my face
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    Quote Originally Posted by Antonio_B
    20) Baraka (it's a weird choice for sure, but the cinematography is so beautiful, it seriously brought tears to my eyes)
    I <3 Baraka. I rented it a long time ago based on a review in a magazine. It was awesome at home on my then crappy AV system. I bought it on DVD and it's awesome x 3 on my now nice system.

    One of the live music clubs in Dallas has a giant projection screen in front of the stage. They lower it and play movies between sets. One night they played Baraka. The entire crowd was mesmerized. I've never heard so many drunks be so quiet for so long.

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    The only one I can think of, off the top of my head, is the one scene in "The Natural" where the Roy Hobbs character is in a hitting slump, and his old girlfriend from 18 years ago, comes to the game and stands, while everybody else in the park is ready to give up hope in Hobbs.
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    Some of those films are just sappy. "Pride of the Yankees?" Give me a break. I'm surprised they didn't throw in "Knute Rockne, All American." I'm surprised it wasn't #1.

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    Ferris Buler's(SP?) Day Off made me cry. That Ferrari going over the cliff is just too much.

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    Torture scene in Casino Royale.
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    Old Yeller!

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    Of that list I know two for sure that did me in - Saving Private Ryan and The Pianist. Maybe a couple of others, but I can't remember.

    I'll add to the list a few....

    Blood Diamond -- touched that father's emotional center that resides within me

    La Dolce Vita - the realization of who we are can be a moment of sweet sadness
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