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    Iím with Jay. Thereís a lot more than money tp play for. We have a former Bengalís receiver come to talk to the kids at a youth center I worked at a few times a year. His name was Lonnie Algood. Super nice and VERY honest guy with the kids. He talked about the perks as you move up the ranks, the lifestyle, the women, all of it. He played 5 years and had his career ended early by game injury. He said heís so it all again in a heartbeat. He said if his body would allow it heíd be on the field, period.

    My cousin Liz made the same call as Luck at 27. She was a lead in NYs Jeoffrey Ballet. I would have no idea how brutal that would be if Liz wasnít family. Head injuries, necks, backs, knees... She left healthy. It was every second of her entire life until she walked away. She LEFT, she didnít follow it she didnít keep in touch... She said that was the only way she could leave and she knew she wanted some opportunity to a lead a more normal life. Still, past 50 you can tell she was a prima ballerina... Her every movement is perfectly graceful and perfect.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay Strongbow View Post
    Cool. Lacrosse has been putting a big dent in traditional American sport participation too. In the NorthEast anyway.
    Found out last night that Boulder High moved their homecoming dance... so it wouldn't conflict with a HS MTB race :-) With over 100 kids racing the original date would have precluded them from the dance. Cycling>Football
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