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    gazing from the shadows
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    Altered Carbon (netflix)

    I read the book. My wife didn't.

    We both thought the first episode was pretty good.

    I thought it was pretty true to the book in spirit and story, such as I remember the book at least.

    Visually, very very very Blade Runner. Well done, but not super cool and new looking.

    Watched 3 so far. If you like SF, especially cyberpunkish things, give it a shot.
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    thanks for the rec...

    you're the second person today to mention it, since the weather has me in house-arrest, will check it out
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    I binge watched the crap out of it

    Yes I am a nerd, no I did not read the book, dammit where is my second season...

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    gazing from the shadows
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    Finished it. Briefly (so assume this thread will start delving into spoilers after this post)...

    In the end, I have to give it an "OK". Not great, not a waste of my time, but just OK.

    I would have preferred it just be SF noir detective, like the book. Those parts were pretty good. The rest of it, the other 50%+? Not so much.
    Stout beers under trees, please.

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    Sweet Potato Kugel
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    I just received the paper back from Amazon a couple days ago and digging into now. Thanks for the heads-up.
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