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    Any tips for removing commercial floor wax off the side of a computer???

    Bought some computers that were used in an institutional setting.

    Been cleaning--whoa, actual dust bunnies inside the fans and cooling fins...

    I've also got splash marks on the lower parts of the cases--feet and the sides in some cases, where it looked like the janitors hit them with their floor mop with wax.

    In the old days that stuff would come of pretty easy--now it seems to be some sort of acrylic wax--tried alcohol, and good 'ol Goof Off (wow that stuff is stinky in an enclosed space!)--no joy so far.

    Anyone with hot tips for removing the stuff?
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    try warm soapy water that has a little ammonia in it...
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    I hope I'm wrong but my guess is if Goof Off didn't work you're not going to have much luck...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetdog9 View Post
    I hope I'm wrong but my guess is if Goof Off didn't work you're not going to have much luck...
    I have to agree, I've always found goof off to be pretty good, but if that's not doing it maybe a heavy duty scouring pad like a Scotch-Brite.
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    Can't speak from any experience, but I googled it for you. Here are some recipes for stripping old was from floors. I imagine a plastic computer case would withstand the various preparations. Ammonia and/or vinegar show up in most of the options. Interesting, given that one is basic and the other acid.

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    If that does not work, I foward you to Lejeune.
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    Orange cleaner?
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    Sudsy ammonia.
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