• 03-22-2008
    Cesar Millan, Pitt bulls, cats, training, experience
    So my gf moved in recently with her cat

    I've been using Cesar's techniques so far and it is working well. I have 2 Pitt bulls that had some excitable behavior and some aggression to the cat. I removed one of the dogs to my parents house so I could work with each individually then eventually see how successful we can be and go from there

    what works so far

    being consistent is key, my gf is an enormous help making sure all the rules are the same

    keeping a calm, assertive voice when it gets ugly is key

    my dogs are very energetic so I walk them 3+ times a day which makes a huge difference

    this has increased their comfort with other dogs and deminished their dominance drive

    my red nose is 60lbs, but learning how to safely turn him over on his back without losing control or risking injury to your dog is huge ( this made the most difference in addition to talking to my dog during this process but keeping it simple; using one word commands with a strong voice )

    make sure you give affection at the times but be sure to give it, my dog shakes, is uncertain, anxious, and went through several stages of avoidance and forms of submission where his bark gets softer and shorter, his objections become less vehement, etc

    be sure to have fun with your dog during this process but at appropriate times - this is key to love at the right time to help ease their acceptance of the changing environment

    I wasn't sure when I pushed it if my dog would bite me, I pushed it FAR with the assistance of my gf.

    He threatened to bite me a few times when I had him on his back and the cat was about 4 feet away ( I had full control of the situation and my gf was there to support me if something went wrong she could easily remove the cat )

    my/her cat is very bold and when he understood the situation he started pushing closer and closer without prompt to the dog

    it has been 3 days and my dog has never been more disciplined or calm. I expect it to take a few weeks - for now the cat gets to roam the house while the dog spends his time getting familiar with the cat

    ? QUESTION ?

    whether this will lead to an increase in comfort level making the introduction easier or merely condition the dog to accept the cat as long as I'm in control remains to be seen but I am confident

    I make sure to spend alone time and leave both animals with private stress free time during a majority of the day

    Cesar states that dog behavior when confronted will either Fight or Flight then the emotion/brain move to avoidance or submission

    thoughts? remarks? comments? share some experience out there!
  • 03-22-2008
    Love Cesar's methods. However, I can't necessarily agree that when it comes to a dominant cat, and a dominant type dog that you can have a situation where all is peaceful all the time forever and ever problem solved.

    There are certain situations where with a dominant type dog, especially if the cat is "flaunting its dominance" around it (as cats often do) I think the dog can have a reactionary snap, pure instinct without thinking about it. Especially if there's food involved.

    I also think there are miscommunications in body language between cats and dogs. For instance when a cat arches its back, its trying to look bigger and say "stay away or I will claw your eyes out." If I'm not mistaken, an arched back in a dog is an insecure/weak signal to other dogs.

    I dunno, all situations are different but yours sounds like a recipe for an accident. Your dog may accept his being told "the cat rules you" when you're around, but what about when you're not looking, or when you leave the house? Whenever you leave the house dogs often will reorganize the "pack" as to who will be the dominant one while you're away.

    I recently saw a new Cesar episode where there was friction between a dog and cat, and it was decided it was just not a good match, so the gal traded in for a more submissive type dog that was fine with leaving the cat be. I thought that was a good call.

    Good luck.
  • 03-22-2008
    thanks OE, nice to see you.

    nice post and I think you are correct. we are going to give it a few weeks and if we get hung up we have a professional available.

    so far so good though, the difference is amazing! although the pup isn't overly psyched yet, but he will be. we are having a lot of fun - I'd never leave them alone unless I was 100% certain. My gf is more daring and its her cat, we both are very encouraged by the progress in a mere 3 days - now the real hard work begins :)

    reading Cesar's book helped enormously - and the show is awesome

    good news is my pup doesn't go into the "red zone" like some of the other dogs, but he was close at first but gotten a lot better
  • 03-22-2008
    I am The Edge
    kitty - the other white meat.

    let teh big dog eat.

    /apologies to your gf :thumbsup:
  • 03-22-2008
    hey edge!

    had me and my gf laughing hard, thanks!

    kitty, the other white meat LOL!
  • 03-30-2008

    it has been just over a week

    practice practice practice!

    the pup and the cat got into one scuffle since their introduction, to everyone's surprise the pup got his ass kicked and now possesses a healthy respect for the kitty although it took a few days for them to adjust

    since then everything is progressing very nicely and at their pace. The kitty keeps approaching the pup and he is adjusting well to the overtures

    eventually I have no doubt they will be buddies

    regular and frequent walks, affection at the right time, being very consistent, and rolling the dog on his back made the biggest differences by far since he is the one protesting

    overall it brought both my gf and me closer to one another and the house pets.
  • 03-30-2008
    I am The Edge
    :cool: etc.
  • 03-31-2008
    Maybe soon you'll have some little cogs (dats?) runnin' around.

  • 03-31-2008
    lol yeah right hahah

    last night they made a big break through - they stared/sniffed one another through the baby gate it was AWESOME

    my plan is working muhhuhahahaha
  • 03-31-2008
    this is bizarre. Carbon beat me to the punch.

    So, do you think that Cesar Milan is THAT different from the other trainers? I want to go buy a book as to establish family members as appropriate pack members, and try and eliminate some of these nasty puppy behaviors that she still has. So, are there other books that are just as helpful... or is he just the newest thing?

    As you guys may or may not remember, I have a new once stray GSD coming home...in a few hours... that appears to be one of the smartest dogs Ive ever owned, and I want to get a leg up as to how to make sure she doesn't get out of control. I want to know how to immediately assert myself and others as leaders.

    Any quick tips as she is coming home in a few hours....