Channeling my inner Okie: Woodshed build
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    Channeling my inner Okie: Woodshed build

    This is my latest-not so fancy as T0G's nice shed, but it should keep some wood dryer than fraying tarps etc.

    Mostly salvage materials (from a neighbor's torn down deck, shingles from a job site dumpster dive--total outlay--about $100. The pallets were sitting around...

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    and then one day, he was shootin' for some foooood...

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    Looks really good

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    Cue the dueling banjos.....
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    Details boy, how the he!! did I miss this. It looks great! Mine is no fancier and I spent more money! HOWEVER, There are 2 used decks involved! I am sitting in front of it now!

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