Charlie Brown Christmas ain't free no more!
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    Charlie Brown Christmas ain't free no more!

    Yes, Apple + has bought the rights to that classic program, and henceforth you'll have to pay to see it. A Christmas classic has now been held hostage by crass commercialism. I guess Lucy almost got it right; Christmas has now been taken over by a big WEST coast syndicate....

    We really should not take this lying down! We need to protest this travesty! We need to go down to Apple headquarters, put on our best Bronx accents, and sing along with the kids:

    Haahk da Harold angels sings......
    "L'enfer, c'est les autres"

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    Why do you hate America?

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    I bought the 3 season DVD's 20 years ago.

    Try to come and take them.
    Live vicariously through yourself.
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    I don't have kids, and I stopped watching childish kids stuff when I grew up and turned 50. I really don't care, do you?
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    Quote Originally Posted by nOOky View Post
    I don't have kids, and I stopped watching childish kids stuff when I grew up and turned 50. I really don't care, do you?
    The only good thing about A Charlie Brown Christmas is the Vince Guaraldi soundtrack.
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