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Thread: Coffee

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    Quote Originally Posted by snapdragen View Post
    Instant coffee Las Vegas packing includes a hot water pot, Mini Moo's Half and Half and Mount Hagen freeze dried coffee. Not optimal...but works when the hotel room does not include a coffee maker!
    Yes--we used to pack with a mini-French press & and some pre-ground (the horror) in the dark days past, when you could not find drinkable coffee in a lot of places.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Touch0Gray View Post
    More like "get the job done, expect no fun".
    Stout beers under trees, please.

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    Ethiopian Horse Hararr has been my favorite bulk selection from Fairway these days. Makes an exceptional cup.

    Treated ourselves to some Ethiopian Sidamo for Valentine's Day, that too was flavorful. Not even sure how to describe it, robust like dark chocolate with some fruitiness.

    Jamaican Blue Mountain never goes on sale, currently $100/lb. It must be stale by now, I doubt anybody's buying that. They should just unload it already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ExChefinMA View Post
    I second Peet's coffees, they are among the best i have partaken.
    I'm a huge fan of Peet's Major Dickason.

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    Blue bottle coffee. If only I had a Blue Bottle snooty barista in Casa del Ice to make me an Americano on demand. As is I'm an AM + PM double shot...

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    Drip is fine for me unless I have time for the press, which I do on the weekends. Burr grinder. We have an excellent local roaster in the next town and I restock my supply frequently. Also, they do a darker roast, which I still prefer to the current fashion towards undercooked beans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oxtox View Post
    I'm a huge fan of Peet's Major Dickason.

    gets my motor runnin'...
    I'm a fan, too.
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