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    The dauphin is dead....

    Today the dauphin succumbed to a combination of old age and kidney failure. He was Coco's son (from her first litter), and was the alpha from the beginning--when he was a kitten (~2 months) he did the arched back scary cat to protect his brothers from the real estate agent showing the house.

    He was a cat who liked flying things--he caught a couple of birds while hiding out on the flat roof on our Seattle house (and brought them to me and I released them), and delighted in catching moths under the street light there (those he ate)--also voles in Germany and salamanders in Arkansas.

    A couple of years ago when he seemed not long for this world, we finally figured out that he was allergic to chicken in his cat food. So he got a couple more years eating rabbit, lamb and other goodies...

    Every morning first to the food bowl--and a wake-up meow for me if I happened to sleep past seven. Always regular habits--including a private morning lie down in a quiet bedroom., before he would re-emerge looking rested and ready for the rest of his day. Not a big cuddler but a regular visitor to sit for petting before he took himself off to curl up within earshot. Oh, and he liked to lick plastic--bags especially.

    Nineteen years, 4 months. About a hundred in cat years. God speed, Mr. Claude.
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    Sorry for your loss. But you delivered a wonderful eulogy and it sounds like Mr. Claude lived a long, full life. Heís off in the afterlife now, chasing birds and napping at will...the things that all kittehs enjoy doing.

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    You helped provide a long and wonderful life for your feline companion. In the end, you can take comfort in that.

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    A neighborhood stray started showing up on my doorstep back in the mid nineties. I don't know why, because I didn't feed her (in the beginning) and she was averse to my very presence!

    Over the years, she cranked out her share of kittens (the survivors became feral) and this seemed to flick a switch in her brain as suddenly, I could actually pet her!

    I never took her in per se. The best I could do in her later years was "rescue" a couple of her kittens and feed her, especially through the winter.

    She always had some kind of infection (eye, sinus or both) which caused her to sneeze occasionally and have a perpetual "grin". I became accustomed to her presence (she claimed an old upholstered chair on my porch as hers) which had to have been at least 15 years. Then, one winter she stopped showing up. In many ways, I guess that eased the pain as I spread the uncertainty over weeks.

    Anywho, I miss her (not wanting to hijack your thread but here are a couple of pics).

    nope, not dead... just the way she slept because of her infection.

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    Mr. Claude, Rest in Peace.

    We've lost many cats, but two were quite old, and quite special cats in different ways. Those two were the hardest. They were just such a big part of our lives for so long, they left a huge hole in our lives, and the lives of our other cats. I still miss them, often. But my memories are now a treasure I can enjoy any time, for the rest of my life. That is what happens after time, so keep that in mind in the coming times of grieving.

    Our lives are better for having had them. I would not trade that for anything. That is the thought that gets me through these sad and painful times. That is the thought that keeps me open to new cats, and new people as well. You can't bare your heart without being vulnerable, and you can't love without eventual pain.

    Worth it. It's worth it. You did good, Mr. Claude did good, and you did good for each other. That's all we can ask, and all we can offer during our brief time here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Retro Grouch View Post
    You helped provide a long and wonderful life for your feline companion. In the end, you can take comfort in that.
    So sad paredown. Heart goes out to you and your family.
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    R.I.P Mr. Claude

    You had a good and really long life, lived well.

    Paredown, heart goes out to you and family.

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    Thanks all--

    The whole chain of ownership started with a young friend of ours who discovered a clutch of kittens abandoned by a neighborhood church in Falls Church, VA.

    Of that litter, we adopted Coco--an 'Einstein' cat--who was exceedingly social--we attribute that to the fact that every neighborhood kid came over to play with Coco and her siblings until they were mostly adopted. Her first litter was unexpected, since we had not thought to get her fixed yet--and Claude was the oldest of the three boys.

    Then we moved to Seattle, and Coco managed to get knocked up a second time, and of that litter of four, we kept one--Mr. Fred.

    Coco was a great mom--taught her babies well, and Fred's siblings were adopted by a true cat lover, who came over to watch mom and babies together before she would commit to adoption, after some bad experiences with babies weaned too early or by inadequately prepared moms. And Coco was like my shadow--followed me around, would go out with me to get the morning paper, or firewood in the evening--and she even wanted me there when both litters were born.

    But this really feels like the end of an era--we lost Coco about 2 years ago, Mr. Fred (although younger than Claude) last Christmas, and now Claude is gone. Casey the Rescue cat is still here, but the house really feels empty. I'm not sure how such tiny creatures take up so much psychic space, but the house feels really empty today...

    One baby picture--Claude at < 8 weeks in our house in Virginia.Name:  claudbby.jpg
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    "A man is judged by the company he keeps, and a company is judged by the men it keeps, and the people of Democratic nations are judged by the type and caliber of officers they elect."
    William J.H. Boetcker

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    They do take up residence in our hearts.

    Keep on keepin on.

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    Wow that Coco got around! 😁

    Love the feline family history that you have shared. And thatís just it...they truly are parts of our family and have their own stories, scandals, loves and loyalties. 🙂

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    I'm sorry for the loss of Claude. Cats are wonderful companions.

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    This is Erda, our 'senior' cat, at about 14 years old. My sister found her and her sister (?), she was meowing loudly from the dumpster at her apartment complex in Indianapolis. Being the alpha-female type, she didn't really get along with my sister's other cats, so she brought her to us on Thanksgiving, 13 years ago. She quickly took over.
    She's still very quick, and manages to still put our current, younger (and much stronger) other cat, Mimi, my female torbie cat in her place with an occasional paw-swipe. She's lost 3 of her 4 fangs, has cataracts, and some sort of intestinal issue which requires us to give her daily tablets of prednisone, as well as monthly shots of vitamin B12, but she's still in charge.
    Last year, I was re-cabling my old Trek 710, and she 'helped' by chasing each cable as they kept moving around on the floor. She doesn't bother with catching mice, but she gets very excited at the birds feeding at the feeder outside the window..
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    Sorry to hear that pare. I know what you mean about it feeling like a huge empty space. It feels that way here since we lost our old guy recently even though there are still 2 other cats in the house. And we have a plastic bag licker here so I know exactly what you're talking about with that as well.
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    - 10ae1203

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