• 04-13-2019
    Dick Cole... Last Surviving Member Of Doolittle Raid Has Died
    I know that I posted a thread on the 70th anniversary of the Raid but can't find it. I'd attended a special event at the Museum Of The United States Air Force which featured several surviving members (I believe that one person was too ill to travel at that time), their traditional toast (a private affair) and a flyover of 20 B-25s. Dick Cole was in attendance that day.

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    A history of the raid.
  • 04-13-2019
    Thanks for posting this. Amazing how they got those B-25s airborne.....I salute these heroes.
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    Thanks for posting this. Amazing how they got those B-25s airborne.....I salute these heroes.

    The greater story might have seem as if it were crafted by a team of Hollywood screenwriters. The B 25 was also known at The Mitchell bomber. Billy Mitchell had dared challenge the status quo.

    Indeed, at this time in the war, the Japanese home islands would have seemed impregnable. There were no land bases in Asia controlled by the allies to be used and there was NO SUCH THING as a carrier based bomber with the endurance to make the trip in the US arsenal. While the raid inflicted little damage of military significance, it did cause a pause and rethink of strategic forces for the Japanese. It also laid a bit of the framework of the modern Naval carrier battlegroup and it's ability to project power over great distances.

    Lastly, and these are my words and sentiments, this was a Hail Mary if ever one existed. Everything about this mission screamed NO except the determination to try. The surviving members I've encountered over the years were unimaginably humble.
  • 04-14-2019
    sad to see the passing of another WWII vet. they're becoming a rarity at this point.

    the Doolittle raid was an audacious attempt to make Japan realize it was vulnerable to attack...it did very little damage, but made a resounding statement.

    got to see this B-25 (Devil Dawg) doing some engine testing recently...impressive aircraft.

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    While going through my Dad's papers a few weeks ago, I came across a first person account of the raid from another pilot. I could not get over the matter of fact way the crew members approached the mission when almost everything about it was a complete unknown. Courage, confidence and humility at the same time. It was truly a different time.
  • 04-28-2019
    Amazing folks: and I can't believe they bombed Dollar General . . . . .