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For the Teachers that don't want to go back to work face to face - there are other career choices they can make, same situation the rest of the world is facing that aren't given the option to work from home in their career. I feel bad for them but hey, they just need to deal with it and move on like everyone else is.
A quick question ... do you really want that to happen?

A quick statement and question at the end ... many teachers didn't return to the classroom due to COVID, when schools went back to full time or hybrid around the country. There already is a teacher shortage, and this is making it much worse. Also, young people are not choosing to go into teaching due to low pay, long hours, school shootings (unsafe workplace), ignorant parents that tell them to "Shut up and teach", etc.

By telling teachers to leave the profession because there are other jobs they can do, makes the field "VERY" thin on teachers ... what is your course of action to resolve that issue?