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    Interesting timing. I just saw a TV program on this plane this morning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zyzbot
    Stratolaunch to Discontinue Operations After Single Flight.
    Quote Originally Posted by duriel
    I tried to tell you dumb *sses, but do you listen? NO!
    Umm... with respect, what was it that you tried to tell us? That billionaire Paul Allen, the funding behind Stratolaunch, would die in October, 2018, thus putting the company's future in some doubt? Or that Space X (and several other startups) were going to wind up being formidable competitors in the launch business?

    'Cuz, you didn't seem to do that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Akirasho View Post
    if true, remember that the Aircraft used in 1903 by the Wright Brothers flew EXACTLY ONCE. The Wrights took time off to refine the design thus resulting in the Wright III flyer, the first practical (fully controlled) aircraft.
    When I took my course in "control systems", my professor actually had written a book about the stability (or lack thereof) of this particular plane, and others they built as well. His take was that this plane was just barely stable enough to fly. He actually built an exact replica, and flew it at Kitty Hawk on the 100th anniversary of the famous flight.

    One of the things I remember about his lecture was that the Wright Flyer could only turn by inducing a linear roll.
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