Facial paralysis recovery following surgery
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    Facial paralysis recovery following surgery

    My dear wife Gianna had a small plate put in to stabilize her cheekbone. The crack went right through the hole that the nerve serving the right side of her face goes through. She couldn't before and still can't feel or control muscles in a good sized area under her right eye.

    Anyone know the typical recovery time and chance of complete recovery typical for such things?

    Surgery was Wednesday. She's still got swelling but is down to tylenol. Very tired. Will probably have a scar on her chin and by her eye.

    She also has lumps that feel like they're on the bone, very hard, at her chin and around her brow at the sunglasses contact points. Will these go away?


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    Err...ask your/her doctor, eh? At least, that'd be the bet place to start, because s/he knows all the real prognoses and possibilities for care or treatment, palliative or otherwise.

    Having said that, I had a bad crash on my mountain bike about five years ago and severed the nerve that serves my chin (the same one they worry about when extracting wisdom teeth). The plastic surgeon told me she tried to put everything back in the right place so as to aid nerve regeneration - nerves do regenerate, albeit very slowly - but that it was not an assured process. My chin is still numb, and my smile is a little bit quirky because of it. I try not to smile.

    ...but seriously, ask your doctor. Good luck with everything.
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    My daughter suffered a cracked cheekbone when her horse went down due to an embolism. The animal's head came up and smacked her in the face.

    She lost the feeling on the left side of her face as the fracture split the nerve bundle in that area. All the regular Docs in the ER missed it. She followed up with a plastic surgeon who went over her X-rays with a magnifying glass and discovered the damage.

    He told her it would heal in 1 year, and incredibly, 1 year to the day the feeling came back. It was really one of those amazing medical things.

    So I think the answer for you is "yes" it can come back. Might want to spend some time with a specialist, multiple opinions can be a good thing.
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    I've been following you & your wifes journey since the accident on the General Board.

    Let me just say again that My thoughts are with you 2..........keep us posted on her progress.


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    Quote Originally Posted by terry b
    He told her it would heal in 1 year, and incredibly, 1 year to the day the feeling came back. It was really one of those amazing medical things.
    Don't take this the wrong way, but that's a bizarre coincidence....almost like she was subconsciously waiting for the one year. Sometimes I really wonder how much of the healing is done within our mind, not the body itself.

    To the OP, I don't have much to add....other than that I hope her healing progresses. Stuff like that is always hard. Just think that it could be much, much worse.

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    Doctor hedged lots - sort of "probably - eventually." About what I would say in his place!

    She's sure sleeping a bunch. I got out on the road yesterday finally. Nice.

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    numbness can last 6 months. the infraorbital nerve is sensory. kind of expected.

    weakness or paralysis is not expected. If this is true weakness and not just due to swelling, would get another opinion.

    this is assuming they approached the fracture through the eyelid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GirchyGirchy
    Sometimes I really wonder how much of the healing is done within our mind, not the body itself.

    Well, Hippocrates postulated that we merely "entertain patients, whilst they heal" or something to that effect. The mind can do some incredible things. To the OP, this is not really my area of expertise, besides to say that nerves, can and do recover, but very slowly, and maybe not at all. Good Luck to both of you.
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    Actually, the plate is right over and above the roots of her teeth. Went in through her mouth. She's got another appointment Friday. Looking better every day, but still lots of pain.

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