getting COVID outdoors
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    getting COVID outdoors

    An interesting and somewhat technical article about the risks of getting COVID in different scenarios. It appears that the risk of getting it in an outdoor activity is very low. Spending a long period of time indoor (like an office) even if you are 6 feet apart, is not that safe

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    NYC and New Jersey readmitted nursing home patients with Covid-19. When I read the paper on The Risks- Know Them - Avoid Them, I couldn't help to notice some other facts we should have had control over, but didn't.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nusing Home Snip
    .....The disease caused by the virus has killed more than 10,500 residents and staff members at nursing homes and long-term care facilities nationwide, according to a New York Times analysis. That is nearly a quarter of deaths in the United States from the pandemic. On Saturday, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York described nursing homes as a “feeding frenzy for this virus.”
    At the epicenter of the outbreak, New York issued a strict new rule last month: Nursing homes must readmit residents sent to hospitals with the coronavirus and accept new patients as long as they are deemed “medically stable.” California and New Jersey have also said that nursing homes should take in such patients. Homes are allowed to turn patients away if they claim they can’t care for them safely — but administrators say they worry that refusing patients could provoke regulatory scrutiny, and advocates say it could result in a loss of revenue.
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    "Hen in a hand basket"???? Wow, you are really scrambling your metaphors! You need some rest.....
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    An interesting read, thank you.
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