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    Hal Blaine RIP

    Hal Blaine, prolific LA studio drummer, Wall Of Sound member, died at age 90

    Supposed to have played on more 40 Billboard #1 hits than anyone, 40 some odd, plus 150 top 10’s. 6 consecutive Grammy albums.

    Stuff like about every Beach Boys song, Frank Sinatra’s “Strangers in the Night”, Byrd’s “Mr. Tambourine Man” and on and on. Think of the opening beat to Ronnie Spectors “Be My Baby”.

    Remarkable sound that I first started paying attention to on the song “San Francisco” and I started noticing his style. That led to all the others and I was just amazed at his ability to adapt to all those different songs.


    Good job Hal.

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    90, for a musician hanging out with that group is a ripe old age!

    Yes I'm sure, that doesn't mean I'm right.
    Of course I'm sure...that doesn't mean I'm right.....

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    I bought much more than my fair share of rock and singer-songwriter LPs through the Sixties & Seventies and Hal Blaine's name is on the back of more of a few of them. Me and my rock-and-roll friends knew his name well. I might have even seen him play a couple times when an act needed a drummer for the night. Resting in Peace but I'm still sure keeping good time.
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    This post had me googling an old journeyman pianist friend... which brought up waaaaaay too many different mug shots, but no obit.

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