Hi boys and girls
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    Hi boys and girls

    Back for my...semi annual? I have no idea, I do try to check in regularly, even if I don't post.

    Still working on getting the house spiffed up with my sister. Only drawback right now is my nephew has moved in (her son). He seems to either go out on gig-jobs (Task Rabbit), or stay holed up in the guest room smoking pot. Oh joy. Sis gets very defensive when I mention him finding a full time job. "He's an artist, he needs to get his portfolio together" He can work at Safeway while working on his portfolio...at least he'd have income and insurance. BTW..he's 37.

    Yeah, I'm in a pissy mood tonight.

    Good news...let's see, Ruby the Wonder Corgi is a rockstar at Nosework. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nosework She loves it, we may have our sport. Perhaps going into Barn Hunts too. It's fun watching her work her nose and brain....sometimes they don't connect so well, but hey, she's new at this.

    Spent the week before Christmas in Las Vegas. Got a deal I could not refuse from Cosmopolitan -- reserved a studio terrace room, got upgraded to a one bedroom terrace. I could have stayed in the room the whole time.
    It's all fun and games until someone ends up in a cone.

    Don't make me go all honey badger on your ass

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    Hi Snap! Retired. Living in Hawaii with Sogno by my side. Enjoying my life. Never bored. ...or is this just a symptom of senility?
    Mapie is a conventional looking former Hollywood bon viveur, now leading a quiet life in a house made of wood by an isolated beach. He has cultivated a taste for culture, and is a celebrated raconteur amongst his local associates, who are artists, actors, and other leftfield/eccentric types. I imagine he has a telescope, and an unusual sculpture outside his front door. He is also a beach comber. The Rydster.

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    It sounds like all the retirees are having fun in this thread. Snap I finally finished cleaning out my mother's house. I worked straight through on it for a couple months. Mapei are you surfing?

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    Guests are like fish that you left in the trunk of your car.
    If your opinion differs from mine, ..........Too bad.
    How would you like it if Hitler killed you


    Buying parts to hang on your bike is always easier than getting fit.

    If you feel wimpy and weak, get out and train more, ya wee lassie!

    If Jesus had a gun, he'd be alive today!

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    Reminiscing about the good ole days...... All the sudden details are hiding in the fog, Mapei, THIS is the sign of senility!
    Of course I'm sure...that doesn't mean I'm right.....

    "There's no sense being stupid unless you show it."

    "that was like trying to teach a goldfish how to play basketball over the phone."

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    You need to stab your deadbeat nephew in the liver.

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    Quote Originally Posted by azpeterb View Post
    You need to stab your deadbeat nephew in the liver.
    WHOA! Hold On There Babalooey!!!! ORGAN DONER!!!

    What I wanna know is,

    WHAT SINS IN SIN CITY? We won't tell.

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    My sister just bought a house in Las Vegas, I need to go check it out soon.

    Tell the nephew there's no pot allowed in the house, he might be motivated to move out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christine View Post
    My sister just bought a house in Las Vegas, I need to go check it out soon.

    Tell the nephew there's no pot allowed in the house, he might be motivated to move out.
    Moving to LV kind of puzzles me. They are re-building the water intake at Lake Mead at a lower point as the prolonged drought (20 years now) makes that water source for LV at best, tenuous. Yet the city and urban area keep expanding. What do you do in 15 years when they finally run out ?.

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    Oh, is it old-timer check-in month? Still engaged, waiting for second kid to graduate high school, just bought a 2018 Volvo V60 AWD, Pliny the Elder is everywhere in SLO County now, riding a bike, lost a jury trial, surprised this site remembered my password (which I created in 2000).

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    still here. Kid is 15, sharp as a tack and fast on a bike. Nice seeing all the old names.
    one nation, under surveillance with liberty and justice for few

    still not figgering on biggering

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    Nice to see your post Snap! Good to hear about Ruby's progress; not quite so good about your nephew. Perhaps a house rule that smoking occur outdoors would better suit you? And it shouldn't matter how much or how little he works, so long as he's contributing room and board at fair market rate. Tough love is often the best love, or so I read . . . on the internet.

    All's well hear. In 2 months I will be 3 years retired. Time flies. I officially turned 70 in Nov., making me officially old. It was strictly unofficial before that. And my grandson turned 4 in Oct., and graduated from his Stryder (no pedals, no brakes) tyke bike to a pedal bike with brakes. Took 2 minutes flat for the transition, making me wish they had Stryders when I was a kid longing to learn to ride a bike.

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