Housekeeping Tips
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    Housekeeping Tips

    These are some great ideas -

    • You should use a caddy to carry around your cleaners and supplies
    • Microfiber cloths are your best friend
    • Try using baking soda for stubborn stains

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    No matter how dark her eyes, its love.
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    Remember, you're paying your upstairs staff for their silence as well as their service.

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    How much of your tip should you put in the housekeeper?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Retro Grouch View Post
    How much of your tip should you put in the housekeeper?
    Well, if you only put in 15% then you're a cheapskate.

    If you put in 100% then that's a different matter.

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    sometimes, you can pull out so much hair from the drain, it looks like a small mouse. so, if you need a cat toy, let's say, check the drain.

    for ants, if you can find their colony, try the hose cranked with the nozzle in jet mode. that's like an amazing water slide for hundreds of little guys that never even knew such exhilaration was even possible.

    gather enough dead ants, and you could shellac your cotton tape!
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