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    I shook Mike Curtis hand when I was 10 years old. I almost peed my pants I was so scared of maddog

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akirasho View Post
    So, it appears that the first NFL football game was played right here in River City, and the NFL is supposed to build a commemorative "field" (already used for amateur sportz) as a tribute so naturally, our Mayor had to get a piece of the action.

    Ground Penetrating Radar suggests significant Native American presence (2 of major area rivers converge thus "triangle") with plans on indefinite hold as Descendants do not want the area excavated.

    Not surprising as the area has well documented and protected mound burials and one pre Columbian village. Most sites are river adjacent.

    Original locker room was moved to Carillon Park for preservation but I suspect the area will still be used for recreation.

    Some plans call for an alternate site but that would be like commemorating the moon landing at Key West.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigrider View Post
    I shook Mike Curtis hand when I was 10 years old. I almost peed my pants I was so scared of maddog
    I played middle linebacker on my high school football team. I always tried to BE Mike Curtis. I probably looked like an idiot swinging my arms "menacingly" at O-line dudes.

    One of my wife's uncles worked closely with Gino Marchetti in Gino's hamburger biz. Gino was supposed to attend the uncle's birthday party a few years ago. He couldn't make it due to snow. I was devastated in the way only an old man who, as a little kid, with my dad, watched Gino play in glorious black and white TV in Baltimore in the late 50s early 60s could feel.

    RIP Gino.

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