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    Quote Originally Posted by SystemShock View Post
    Yes, but they'll still taste like dirt.
    Might as well just eat the dirt and skip the middle man.
    Of course I'm sure...that doesn't mean I'm right.....

    "There's no sense being stupid unless you show it."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Touch0Gray View Post
    Might as well just eat the dirt and skip the middle man.
    The Eat Like An Earthworm Dietô... in paperback soon!
    Monkhouse: I want to go like my Dad did Ė peacefully, in his sleep, not screaming in terror like his passengers.

    System: Fake news?? Trump's a Fake President, for God's sake.

    Plat: I'd rather fellate a syphilitic goat than own a Cervelo.

    Homer: I believe that children are our future. Unless we stop them now.

    Seam: Saw Bjork poop onstage back in the day. It blew my teenage mind

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